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Longer life and superior performance

The comprehensive Yuasa Battery range has been designed to meet all your engine starting requirements.

Yuasa car & passenger vehicle batteries incorporate industry leading design features and engineering advancements, to provide ultra-reliability and longer life for car & passenger vehicles.
You know you can rely on a Yuasa Battery for its ability to start your car's engine.  With the superior technology and quality that you expect from a Yuasa Battery, you can be assured of the smooth energy needed for wherever your journey may take you
View the Yuasa product range brochure or select a product below to learn more about Yuasa car & passenger vehicle batteries.

Ultra Hi Performance 

Yuasa Ultra Hi Performance batteries feature specialist internal components, unique design features and industry leading technologies to combat the causes of battery failure and deliver what motorists really want - longer life and superior performance.

View the Ultra Hi Performance range

European Ultra Hi Performance 

A range of maintenance free Ultra Hi Performance batteries specially designed to meet the performance and specialised fitment needs of European and imported vehicles, delivering superior starting power and reserve capacity that are suitable for New Zealand conditions.

View the European Ultra Hi Performance range

Hi Performance Low Maintenance

Yuasa Hi Performance car & passenger vehicle batteries feature a mix of both Expanded and Hybrid grid designs, using Calcium and Antimonial technologies. With hard wearing components to reduce corrosion, limit gassing and minimise water loss, ensuring dependable power when it’s needed the most.

View the Hi Performance Low Maintenance range

Hi Performance SMF  

The latest addition to the Yuasa car & passenger vehicle range gives you all the benefits of specialist internal components and external design features while specifically catering for modern vehicles that do not require the highest output power levels of the UHP series.

View the Hi Performance SMF range


Extra Heavy Duty 

A range of low maintenance batteries designed to meet the performance and fitment requirements of vehicles with low electrical loads typically manufactured before 1991, delivering reliable starting power with a   maintainable design for maximum control over battery life.

View the Extra Heavy Duty range


Idle Stop Start (ISS)

Yuasa ISS (Idle Stop Start) batteries are specially designed to complement the performance and fuel saving benefits of vehicles fitted with the latest Idle Stop Start Systems. Utilising thicker battery plates, high density active material, specialist alloys and paste additives for improve durability and cycling performance battery demanded by Idle Stop Start Systems.

View the Idle Stop Start (ISS) range

HEV Auxiliary Heavy Duty 

Yuasa HEV Auxiliary Heavy Duty batteries represent the latest in performance and technology for Hybrid vehicles. The range incorporates advanced AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology and a valve regulated design. This provides enhanced cycling ability and the necessary power to run the vehicles electrics and computer management system.

View the HEV Auxiliary Heavy Duty range

Optima REDTOP™

The Optima REDTOP™ high performance AGM battery is perfect for high compression engines in cars, trucks and 4WDs.
View the Optima REDTOP range


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