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Million Meters Streams Project

Century Yuasa Batteries is proud to announce its continued support with the Million Meters streams project in NZ. This partnership is a great opportunity for Century Yuasa to continually promote our corporate stewardship and the sustainability of New Zealand’s waterways & environment.

The Million Metres Streams Project is a non-profit project set up to restore the health of New Zealand waterways. Currently:
  • 44% of New Zealand’s monitored lakes are so polluted virtually nothing can survive in them;
  • 62% of lowland rivers are so polluted with pathogens its unsafe to swim in them;
  • 74% of freshwater fish species are now classified as ‘threatened’.  
One solution to help is to plant the banks of New Zealand’s waterways (riparian planting). Freshwater scientists agree that riparian planting is vital to the health of freshwater ecosystems. Plants filter toxic runoff, prevent sediment washing into water, and cool the water by shading it, so aquatic creatures can survive.
The contribution for 2017 has gone towards the Ōtara Creek Adopt a Spot Project in Auckland.

The creeks and streams of the Otara catchment start at the top of Redoubt Road, meandering through the Flat bush area and suburbs of Ōtara and East Tamaki. The creeks and streams finally merge into the Otara Creek, which flows into Ōtara Lake, then into the Tamaki River and out into the Hauraki Gulf. 

The 870 hectare catchment is predominantly urban, and the lake and its waterways have been impacted by years of urban run-off and pollution.
Ōtara Lake was created in 1968 with the construction of a weir between the creek and the Tamaki River. It was developed to provide cooling water for the Otahuhu power station. The weir disrupts the tidal nature of the creek and a significant amount of sediment has built up in the lake. It is polluted with heavy metals like zinc, copper, arsenic and nickel. 

Local residents can still remember a time when they could swim and fish in Ōtara Creek, but today it is too polluted. Erosion, runoff from roads and industrial and agricultural pollution have all impacted the health of the creek. 

A LONG-TERM VISION Otara-Stream-02.jpg
There is great public access to the lake and creek including walkways and a public reserve. The community has been advocating to clean up the waterways for years so that people living in the area can enjoy them. Volunteers, community organisations, churches and schools have all contributed through clean-up days and some planting.

In 2015, this effort received a boost when the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board endorsed a 30-year plan to clean up the lake and creek. It contains a long term vision and key steps to transform the water quality in the catchment. 

The development of this plan was a collaborative effort. A diverse set of groups including the local board, Auckland Council, local businesses, organisations, trusts, rotary clubs and schools, as well as mana whenua iwi contributed to the plan. 

The Ōtara Waterways and Lake Trust formed to lead the charge and implement this plan. The Trust has a vision for a restored lake and creek that can be a focal point for the people of Ōtara, Howick and South Auckland to enjoy.

To see more information on this project visit the following websites:

Moving forward Century Yuasa will continue to leverage the sponsorship to promote the company’s investment in the sustainability of New Zealand’s environment.
Along with looking at opportunities to further promote initiatives like this and how we can tie it into existing programs such as the battery recycling program, and Beach and Boat event in February 2018. 
For more information, please contact Century Yuasa Batteries on 0800 4 YUASA.