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Avoid becoming a marine statistic

Yuasa is a proud sponsor and official battery supplier to Coastguard New Zealand, a charity dedicated to saving lives at sea and educating New Zealanders on how to stay safe on the water.

Last year Coastguard New Zealand brought over 7,000 people home safely after an emergency on the water. Maritime Safety Authorities are becoming increasingly concerned over the increasing number of breakdowns on the water caused as a result of flat or incorrect batteries fitted on vessels.
Understanding your marine battery and power requirements is critical if you want to avoid becoming a marine breakdown statistic. When choosing a marine battery it is important to invest in a battery that has been specially designed to handle the demands of marine conditions and performance requirements of marine vessels.


Regular battery testing and inspection is key to maximising your battery life

Implement these simple maintenance checks into your routine and avoid becoming a marine breakdown statistic.

Ensure the battery top is clean, dry & free of dirt & grime
Inspect battery terminals, screws, clamps and cables & clean as necessary
Ensure battery hold downs are secure and properly maintained
Inspect the battery case for obvious signs of physical damage
Test battery state of charge using a voltmeter