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The comprehensive range of Yuasa Seafarer batteries have been designed to meet all your marine power requirements. With robust design and superior power you can rely on your Yuasa battery to start your boat's engine, run on-board accessories and, most importantly, get you back to shore safely.

In addition, all Yuasa Seafarer batteries are manufactured to the highest standards to handle the rigours of wave-pounding, engine vibration and impact from trailer transportation. Thicker battery plates, denser active material and specialist separators deliver superior starting power for high compression engines and extra reserve capacity to run on-board accessories.


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The ultimate in marine battery performance, incorporating some of the toughest internal components in the industry. The Yuasa Seafarer range is designed to provide exceptional starting power and semi-cycling performance for recreational and commercial marine craft.

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yunz-10-1.jpgSeafarer Cruiser

A range of heavy duty marine batteries designed for use in larger marine vessels. The Seafarer Cruiser features stronger internal components, specialist separators and thicker plates to provide reliable performance in extreme marine conditions.

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The Optima BLUETOP™ high performance AGM battery is the choice of boat owners who want a battery that can deliver time after time under all conditions.

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