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SUV, 4x4 & Light Commercial

Keeping you off-road for longer

Whether venturing into the high country, traversing sand dunes or on an alpine adventure,it’s important to have the right equipment, and that includes the battery.

Excessive under bonnet temperatures, continuous vibration, repeated impact from rough uneven roads and the demands of power hungry accessories, place extreme demands on a battery’s internal components. Yuasa’s SUV, 4x4 & Light Commercial batteries are designed and built tough using robust internal components and advanced manufacturing processes to withstand the challenges of New Zealand's extreme conditions.

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Ultra Hi Performance

Yuasa Ultra Hi Performance batteries are designed for more than just starting power, manufactured with thicker and more durable components that are able to sustain constant current loads.

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yunz-4x4-hp.jpgHi Performance

Yuasa Hi Performance batteries feature hard wearing internal components to reduce corrosion and enhance vibration resistance, while producing dependable power and performance.

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yunz-4x4-hp-lm.jpgHi Performance Maintainable

Yuasa Hi Performance maintainable batteries feature hard wearing components to reduce corrosion, limit gassing and minimise water loss, ensuring dependable power when it’s needed the most.

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