CC1206 Videos

Introducing the Century CC1206

Designed for New Zealand, the CC1206 is a 100% automatic 12 Volt 6 Amp smart battery charger and maintainer with reconditioning mode.

Key Features

The CC1206 features user-adjustable battery type selection and charging rates, a patented battery rejuvenation feature, heavy-duty corrosion resistant connectors and ECO power mode.

Built-in Safety Features

The CC1206 has many built-in safety features, including reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection and internal overheat protection.

Safety Precautions

Before using the CC1206, we highly recommend reading the owners manual. Lead acid batteries contain sulphuric acid and it is vital that certain safety precautions are followed.

9-Stage charging

The CC1206 features an advanced 9-stage charging process, designed to keep your battery in optimal condition.

How to Charge a Lead Acid Battery

Learn how to safely and correctly charge a lead acid battery using the CC1206.


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